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Guy Mikel

President / Founder

Guy Mikel is founder of Color Label Solutions, Inc. and serves as President and CEO. With a background in label printing and 20+ years in the chemical industry, Guy understands labeling; and specifically the requirements for labeling of chemicals.


Betty Molina

Vice President of Sales

Beatriz Molina is the Vice President of Customer Relations for Color Label Solutions, Inc. Beatriz brings years of collective experience in corporate sales, marketing strategies and a high level of customer service and business support.


Lacy McFadden


Lacy McFadden professional experience and expertise covers a full range of accounting systems and finance processes including accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll. Lacy brings extensive savvy business management to Color Label Solutions.


Quin Hyland

Customer Service Manager

Quin Hyland effective communication skills, knowledge, great enthusiasm, and courteous service support ensures customers will get the help and insight they need to make smart and informed decisions.


Grant Lapke

Regional Sales Manager

Grant Lapke is Sales Manager in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. Grant brings extensive product knowledge to our customers. This includes sales and service on printers, training in hardware and software, demo services, trade shows, customer relations and new business development in all markets throughout the U.S.


Hannah Gibson

Regional Sales Manager

Hannah Gibson is Sales Manager in the Greater Seattle Area. Hannah maintains current businesses, develops new business clientele, and promotes Color Label Solutions in all markets throughout the U.S. Hannah’s effective communication and negotiation skills help to better serve our customers and maximize their experience.


Tim Semic

Technical Support Manager

Tim Semic is Technical Support for Color Label Solutions. Tim’s go above and beyond attitude to provide comprehensive service and assistance to customers is what makes him great. He will spend quality time with you to set up your label system and get you printing.


Tony Molina

Digital Marketing Manager / Sales

Website development, graphic design and over 20 years in advertising and as a marketing consultant in the AV industry, Tony brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and a passion to deliver a high level of customer support and service.


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