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CANNABISLABEL.SOLUTIONS provides all that is needed to print great-looking labels for cannabis products. Printers, labels, software, and support to help you get started printing labels quick and easy. No other reseller has sold, installed and supported more customers move to print-on-demand color labels than us. Visit our store or call us at (855) 962-7670 to make a purchase.

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MGM Agriculture:

MMG Agriculture, was one of the first MME Cultivations to open when the medical market hit Nevada in 2015. Started to provide the best medicinal cannabis to patients seeking alternative ways to relieve...

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14er Boulder, produces the highest quality, most novel and pure cannabis flowers, extractions, and genetics found anywhere in the world. According to Dan Seidman, Operations with 14er Boulder, “for a long time, have worked hard to develop and grow the best...

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The first new pharmacy vial since the ’50s; and perfect for the cannabis market.

Child Resistant, Senior Friendly, Tamper Evident and water/air tight. Perfect for cannabis products needed child resistance.

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Color Label Solutions is a value-added reseller specializing in print-on-demand color label systems. We have deployed print-on-demand color label solutions in hundreds of companies and industries; providing our customers with online training and support. Let us help you make color labels a reality for you. Check out Our Blog, Facebook and LinkedIn pages for the latest information on Color Label Solutions, Inc.

To learn about a few of our specific Cannabis customers, please review the following companies posts below. is a division of Color Label Solutions, Inc. (; the premier provider of print on-demand color and GHS label systems. You may find these other websites,,,, and blog, of interest. After selling, installing and supporting hundreds of companies move to print on-demand color and GHS labels, Color Label Solutions is the best choice for a partner to print labels on demand. And now cartons as well.