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L801 Cannabis Labels

MMG Agriculture,, was one of the first MME Cultivations to open when the medical market hit Nevada in 2015. Started to provide the best medicinal cannabis to patients seeking alternative ways to relieve medical problems without the use of pharmaceuticals, MMG has strains proven for symptom relief. And their lead cultivator and crew are passionate about the cannabis they grow. As a boutique grow, MMG Agriculture provides Nevada with the highest quality marijuana.

MMG Agriculture

I met Sarah Rosenfeld, the owner of MMG Agriculture at the Reno Cannabis Convention,, in early 2018. After seeing options at MJ BIZCON Next in New Orleans,, reviewing print samples, and watching an on-site demo, Sarah purchased an L801 printer and gloss poly labels. Ryan Goig, who designs the labels for MMG, combined with the L801 is producing some great looking labels.

L801 Printed on Gloss Poly

I really like the look of the designs, and the print quality they are achieving. I especially like the use of colors on a basic white label. This type of design produces not only great looking labels but saves ink costs.

L801 Printed Label

And after printing thousands of labels, MMG has used hardly any ink as yet. From the Afinia L801 Toolbox, you can see the ink costs of every print job (sorry for the crappy picture):

L801 Ink Costs

The L801 label printer has some of the lowest ink costs of any benchtop label printer.

For their designs, Ryan has set up form-fillable PDF’s to enable the easy input of variable data onto the label prior to printing.

MMG Agriculture Label Artwork

According to Sarah, aligning the printing on the labels correctly has been a learning process. To produce full-bleed labels, be sure to design your labels slightly larger than the actual size. I recommend .03” larger on all sides to insure the print goes to the edge of die-cut labels. Afinia offers advice on full-bleed label printing on page 30 of their manual:

And I wrote an earlier post on full-bleed printing using the L801 as well:

MMG has great looking labels on their doob tubes as well:

MMG Doob Tube Label

And now, we’re looking at moving to a tapered label to make the gap on the tube equal top and bottom for MMG.

Non-Tapered Label On Doob Tube

With tubes, you should consider using a tapered label.

And if you are labeling joint tubes, consider our semi-automatic applicator option:

Or even a fully automated option:

According to Sarah, “the print quality we’re getting on the L801 is great. For our operation, the L801 has been a good choice.” And I want to add: Sarah and Ryan have been great to support. We’re lucky to work with people like Sarah and Ryan.

The L801 is a great choice for those manufacturers who need high print quality labels; especially when combined with gloss poly material. If you need great print quality on your labels, contact us. We’ll help you with all aspects of your print-on-demand color label solution.

Purchase the L801 here:

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