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14er Boulder,, produces the highest quality, most novel and pure cannabis flowers, extractions, and genetics found anywhere in the world.

According to Dan Seidman, Operations with 14er Boulder, “for a long time, have worked hard to develop and grow the best strains possible, including many different hybrids.”

After visiting 14er’s operation, I can tell you that I was impressed; brand new and very clean operation. 14er has one of the best facilities in the cannabis business that I’ve seen.

When 14er first contacted me a long time ago, they were having issues with a C3500 label printer that was purchased elsewhere. Although I don’t recall the specific issue, we solved the problem quickly and began selling 14er labels and ink. We even began producing for them a custom size label for their nitrogen packed cans:

14er Label Design

And it wasn’t long after we started shipping ink and labels, 14er upgraded to a C7500. According to Dan, “the C7500 is a beast and very important to our operation. In fact, the C7500 has become a critical part of our operation. Using Nicelabel, I’ve designed all of our artwork; which makes all of our product labels easy to print.”


And you can purchase a C7500 also here:

And after purchasing the C7500, we had to change the design of 14er’s labels. As the C7500 has a ~2” minimum width and 14er places the rolls on an applicator, we had to shift the narrow label to 1 side. This change enabled the printing and application of a narrower label.

14er N2 Can Labels

As a regular reader of this blog, you may remember an earlier post with similar issues around the placement of a narrow label on a wider liner to apply with an applicator:

14er Product Labels

Working with good people like Dan and 14er’s is why I started Color Label Solutions, and makes me happy. Contact us if we can support your label operations as well.

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Guy Mikel

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