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NS Multi Prints New Materials

Print quality has been one of the important attributes of the NS Multi:
In fact, I’ve written about the great print quality of the NS Multi in the past. Once in our blog when we installed the NS Multi after WestPack:

Grant Lapke With The NS Multi

And as well after PackExpo East: 2018/04/pack-expo-east-2018

This week, we tested two new materials that produced outstanding print quality. Let me tell you about them.

Inkjet Coating

Ran it through a press:

Press Applying Inkjet Coating

And produced inkjet coated corrugated on a variety of types of materials. Frankly, we were surprised by the array of materials we could coat at one time.

Inkjet Coating Corrugated From A Press

On the coated board, you could barely see the inkjet coating. According to Grant Lapke, our NS Multi Specialist, “This coated material was not sticky and had more of a matte finish. After printing, I say the colors “POPPED” more, producing more vibrant images. In addition, it seems the coating makes the boxes more durable; a little less “flimsy” than non-coated boxes. And the boxes seemed to withstand water slightly better”.

Inkjet Coated Corrugated Printed with NS Multi

And a video:

Second and in addition to the inkjet coated materials, we test printed plastic corrugated using the NS Multi. Here is more information on this material:

With this material, we produced outstanding print quality on both sides without any coating:

Plastic Corrugated Printed with the NS Multi

And a video:

And this video:

According to Grant, “the printed, plastic corrugated produced outstanding print quality. As the surface of the plastic corrugated is smooth, the print output comes out very nice. This material should work well for signs, merchandizing displays and boxes. As the NS Multi can print up to 12 inches per second, the speed of the printing signs and displays would be significantly faster than a flat-bed printer”.

Grant continues, “both the inkjet coated and plastic corrugated print great. Which material is best depends on the application and the value of the box, sign or merchandising display. It’s great to know we can print both with the NS Multi.”

If you need to print boxes, signs and displays on-demand and in color, contact us. We’ll help you get started in this exciting, new market.

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Guy Mikel

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